How does this benefit you?

Cyber Security is complex and in many cases it has been reduced to a tick-box, paper-based exercise that fails to deliver real value or sufficiently addresses the problem.

Spotics has been designed and built by our team of industry experts using a combination of industry standards, to provide a comprehensive Cyber Security solution that unlocks multiple benefits for your organization, as described below.

Spotics Benefits

Tailored Agendas

Spotics guides the Board and other IT agendas with regards to the relevant Cyber Security issues that need to be addressed within those committees.

Reduced Costs

Spotics reduces the costs of external consulting firms and technical specialists by making use of its industry-best-practice advisories that are continuously being updated across the platform.

Gain Efficiences

Spotics provides a central location to store all of the relevant information and only needs to be updated once, eliminating the repetitive work required to keep many static and disparate systems up-to-date with critical insights.

Improved Descision Making

Spotics enables critical decisions and actions to be taken by using modern and intuitive analytics which provide valuable insights in near real-time to the right people at the right time in a language tailored to their role.

Increased Performance

Spotics ensures that the users perform their tasks via its role-based workflow engine that reduces the delay between instruction and task completion.

Improve Quality

Comprehensive validation rulesets, ensure that data quality is maintained throughout the information security management life-cycle.